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For all your musical needs


Our mission is to create an extraordinary live music experience for you.

We offer the best musical entertainment for your event. Our repertoire includes a wide variety of international music covering everything from the 70’s up to today’s contemporary (Top 40’s) music, making its versatility unique. A variety of different artistic and music styles are available such as; blues, rock, pop, funk, ambience and R&B. We are available in a flexible range of line-up sizes and styles. Artists are available in line-ups including; soloist, duo, trio, ensembles and full band.

We have more than a decade of experience providing entertainment at different events in Saint Martin, Saint Barth and Anguilla.

Live music services can be tailored to suit any event including; wedding receptions and ceremonies, corporate functions and retreats, engagement parties, birthday and club celebrations, just to name a few.

We specialize in providing professional live music entertainment for all types of Events

Accoustic Duo – Music Addict

Playing a wide selection of popular music ranging from the 80’s through to the best of today’s music. Music Addict has been in great demand for weddings, anniversaries and special events. They provide an elegant music choice for your function. With a combination of class, ambience and passion - be captivated, romanced and thrilled by the lushness of their performance. For a bigger vibe they can add percussion and bass guitar. Delphine sings with a unique, beautiful sound that just mesmerizes audience.

Accoustic Duo – Delir'acoustik

A dynamic acoustic duo powered by Amin & Scud!!

Two acoustic guitars, two voices to cover french & international pop music standards!

The use of a looper -live recording pedal board- allows to add layers played and recorded in front of you as the song builds up to seemed to be played by a full band! Smiles and good vibes are always parts of this show!

Accoustic Duo – Ça

Tiré de la fameuse expression des musiciens

" Ça … va le faire"


Est un Duo guitare-chant surprenant

La rencontre entre deux musiciens.

Amin B.

Guitariste rythmique et soliste hors pair, compositeur et adepte du jeux ciselé.

Stéphane C.

Bassiste Chanteur auteur-compositeur, adepte du chaos de l′énergie et des covers. Ça Vous envoutera sur un répertoire anglo-saxon et franÇais. De U2 à FranÇis Cabrel de Sting à Calogéro


ce fera un plaisir de vous envouter


From the famous French musicians expression

" Ça … va le faire"


Is a surprising guitar-vocals Duo

The meeting between two musicians.

Amin B.

Rhythmic guitarist and unparalleled soloist, composer.

Stéphane C.

Singer-songwriter bassist


will captivate you with an Anglo-Saxon and French repertoire. From U2 to Françis Cabrel From Sting to Calogéro.

What The Funk

What The Funk is a St. Maarten based Top 40's band. Perfect for weddings, functions and any events requiring live Top 40's music.

Make that party come alive and keep the dance floor groovin.

What The Funk "Extra Groovy"!